Navicat Premium 16.2.8 Crack + Keygen Free Download 2023

Navicat Premium 16.2.8 Crack With License Key

Navicat Premium Crack

Navicat Premium 16.2.8 Crack is a database development tool that allows users to connect and manage various databases including MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server all in one application. It offers a range of features such as data modeling, data synchronization, data transfer, data backup, and data visualization. Navicat Premium is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms in multiple editions including Standard, Enterprise, and Non-Commercial. Each edition has different features and prices, with the Enterprise Edition being the most complete and expensive. It is used by database administrators, developers, and data scientists worldwide.

Why do we use it?

Navicat Premium is an essential tool for anyone working with databases, especially for those who need to manage multiple databases from different vendors. It allows users to manage multiple databases from a single application, saving time and reducing the need to switch between applications. It also offers a range of features that automate many tasks like data backup, data transfer, and data synchronization, which can improve your productivity. Moreover Navicat Premium features an intuitive user interface that simplifies database administration tasks, even for those who are not database experts. It offers drag-and-drop functionality, visual query builders, and data visualization tools to make working with databases easier.

In addition, Navicat Premium provides advanced data modeling capabilities that allow users to design and visualize database structures, relationships, and constraints. This can help increase the accuracy and efficiency of your database design. It provides data sync and backup features to help users ensure their data is current and protected. This can be especially important for organizations that rely on their databases for critical business operations.

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Seamless Data Migration

This helps you to transfer data in a smooth, easier, and faster way. Its features like Data transfer and Synchronization or structure synchronization. This provides you with delivery details and guides you step by step so data transfer can be easy and fast. Also, it let you make changes as you want to execute.

Diversified Manipulation Tool

This program uses Import Wizard to transfer data into databases, setting up data sources connections. It let you edit, modify and delete your records in Tree View or JSON View. It contains built-in editing tools. In addition, it provides you with tools that are useful in managing data faster and easier.

Easy SQL/Query Editing

You can create, run and edit SQL statements without fear of syntax and commands. It helps you in getting keywords for coding and building practical code for you.

Intelligent Database Designer

It offers Professional object designers to create, manage and modify all database objects. It converts your database into an expressive graphical representation. So, you can create, manage and understand complex databases easily.

Increase Your Productivity

Influential local backup and restore solution and built-in GUI guides you in the backup process and minimize the errors. It can create high-quality professional reports in just a few minutes. So, it enhances your productivity.

Smart Schema Analyzer

With built-in Schema you can analyze your documents and collections. You can understand your databases in a much better and easy way.

Free Trial:

It offers fourteen days free trial.


Navicat Premium is an essential tool for anyone working with databases and offers a range of features that can increase productivity, simplify database management, and ensure data accuracy and security.

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